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Thrust roller bearing

2019-12-13 TYTS Bearings

Thrust roller bearing for bearing axial load mainly shaft, radial combined load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, such bearings have a lower friction factor and higher speed, and have a spherical adjustment performance. The rollers of the bearings are asymmetric spherical rollers, which can reduce the relative sliding of the rollers and raceways in the work, and the rollers are long and large in diameter, with a large number of rollers and a high load capacity, usually using oil lubrication, and individual low speed cases can be grease lubrication. In the design selection, should be preferred;

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust tapered roller bearings are suitable for low speed occasions, thrust tapered roller bearings speed is slightly higher than thrust cylindrical roller bearings. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing is a separation type bearing, can only withstand one-way axial load and slight impact, can limit the shaft a direction of axial displacement, so can be used as a one-way axial positioning. But its bearing capacity is much larger than the thrust ball bearings. Roller rolling, due to the roller ends of the line speed is different, so that the roller in the ring raceway inevitably produce sliding, therefore, the limit speed of such bearings than thrust ball bearings low, usually for low-speed operation occasions.

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